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Hi I am JC. I want to welcome you to Auto Detail by JC where customer service, honesty, professionalism, and hard work are the qualities that allow me to be considered to be the best in the car detailing industry. My goal is to convert every customer I service to a customer for life by making sure the level of detail in both the service and product are beyond their expectations. I do this by going through each vehicle with the customer, highlight the customers’ concerns, and tailor our packages to fit their needs.

I’ve been in the car detailing industry for more than 15 years and also providing to the Puget Sound area with exceptional service since 2010. You can rest assured that when I come to your place and detail your car, that every detail is done thoroughly and professionally. I am always striving to be the best in terms of products, tools and techniques.

Everybody has some type of transportation these days. Most people consider it almost an extension of their family or of their own personality. This cherished thing of your life takes quite a battering on the roads every day. They are constantly being subject to harmful elements which affect the appearance, performance and also its resale value. The only way to avoid the punishment is to have your vehicle detailed regularly.

Detailing is the process of performing a thorough cleaning, polishing and protection of the automobile, both inside and out, to produce showroom-quality finish. A clean car looks fresh, new and inviting. You feel proud while driving and pleased when you get into it. The resale benefit is higher when paint is maintained with periodic waxing, clean upholstery and a degreased fine-tuned engine is always helpful.

Many people, therefore, opt to detail their cars regularly to make them last longer. You can do it at home or you can hire a professional mobile auto detailing service. That way everything looks easy to enhance the vehicle’s beauty, performance and maintain its resale value consistently. In our hectic and workaholic society today, nobody has time or the inclination to take their vehicle to a detailing shop. In most cases, many people are unaware of mobile auto detailing and the advantages it carries along with it.

We live in a world where time is money. Car wash at a fixed location, even if automatic, consumes invaluable time. You have to drive the vehicle to the service point, then wait in line and sit through the actual detailing process in unproductive idling. On top of all that your vehicle is never the same. For these reasons, Auto Detail by JC services has a definite edge over the traditional detailers.

What a luxury it would be to have a detail technician arrive promptly to your location. What a hassle it is to go out to a detailing shop in heavy traffic, burn precious fuel and then wait for them to clean and shine your vehicle. Thus, it is always good to call a mobile detailing service and get the job done without wasting resources and productive energy.

Convenience is another advantage of mobile Auto Detail by JC, something that is actually worth paying for. I come to you when and where it’s convenient for you – at the parking lot of your workplace or, at your place while you’re at home with your family, or working in your home-office.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope it will be beneficial to you. I am looking forward to talk to you soon! I guarantee that you’ll have the best car detailing service!



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